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Give a present they won't forget

About Us

Strip-O-Gram is the future of stripping make $50 to $100+ Dollars a minute. Now you can order from your home a personalized Strip-O-Gram Just for you or for a friend - Perfect for Birthdays, Bachlorette, Bachelors, Moms, Dads and even Grandmas. 

All Genders Welcome

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App Features

Choose either a Female or a Male dancer, each dancer has different out fits, Doctor, Nurse, Fireman, Police, Biker, School Girl/Boy. Give them your request like the name to say hi too and if it's a Bachlorette, Bachelor, Birthday Party, Even newly divorced. They will then record for you a one of a kind one to three minute personalized stripping video. You can then share it with your friend or keep it to yourself. Our dancers will keep it tasteful and classy. Choose Partial or Full Nudity.

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